Fans' first-round predictions

Updated: April 17, 2009, 4:18 PM ET

Fans who posted predictions in the community have the most confidence in the Wings, followed by the Bruins, then Sharks and finally Capitals.

Below are the matchups followed by the number of posts and blogs picking each team to win and link to the results of SporsNation voting. Just for fun we threw in a word picture that weights the team names based on how many times they were picked to win.

Join the debate by posting your own playoffs blog and by commenting on the posts of other NHL fans.

Eastern Conference picks

Bruins (82), Canadiens (7) SportsNation voting favors Boston
Penguins (56), Flyers (33) SportsNation voting favors Pittsburgh
Devils (52), Hurricanes (37) SportsNation voting favors New Jersey
Capitals (77), Rangers (12) SportsNation voting favors Washington

Western Conference picks

Sharks (77), Ducks (8) SportsNation voting favors San Jose
Blackhawks (53), Flames (32) SportsNation voting favors Chicago
Canucks (55), Blues (30) SportsNation voting split
Red Wings (80), Blue Jackets (5) SportsNation voting favors Detroit

Bloggers' predictions (click through to respond)

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