Turco says Ducks too motivated to lose

In the first round of the playoffs, Marty Turco showed why he is one of the best goalies in the world. But his 1.30 goals-against average and three shutouts still weren't enough for the Dallas Stars to advance.

So, coming off another All-Star season, Turco is left to watch the likes of Dominik Hasek and Jean-Sebastien Giguere battle it out for West supremacy. We called on Turco, a two-time NCAA champ with Michigan, to preview the Western Conference finals between No. 1 Detroit and No. 2 Anaheim.

Greatest strength
Red Wings: Confidence. They believe in each other. They believe in their star players. They believe in their goaltending. Confidence is a huge asset this time of year. They have played well all year long. They have played through injuries and somehow won the Western Conference during the regular season. I think they even proved something to themselves in that San Jose series. The Sharks are a well-coached team. They are good from top to bottom and the Wings still beat them. So, Detroit is feeling good, which is key right now.

Ducks: Transition. Their defense is well-coached and they are well-prepared to get it and go without letting the opposition set up. The Ducks' forwards aren't waiting around for someone to stand beside them; they're gone and they're fast. That will pose a challenge for Detroit's system.

Potential weakness
Red Wings: Size. Anaheim has incredible physical presence with forwards who crush defensemen, and the Ducks' blue line is big and strong, too. Detroit needs to battle through the physical nature of the series. They may get beat up, but they will have to find a way to get themselves off the ice and carry on.

Ducks: Depth. They don't roll four lines, and that could be a problem as the series rolls on. Also, a concern is the potential of injury to one of their defensemen. They have horses. They rely heavily on their top players, so depth could be big if they lose a top player to injury.

X Factor
Red Wings: Daniel Cleary. He just seems pretty possessed right now. I have watched Danny for years and kind of been, "Yeah, I'm not sold on him." But this year, during the regular season, he was huge. In the playoffs, he's continued that. To see the look in his eyes, he's willing to do anything to win. We know, at this time of year, those Canadian boys can come through.

Ducks: Dustin Penner. I think Penner is the Ducks' X factor, just because of his ability around the net. Dominik Hasek isn't going to let too many soft ones in. He plays angles and comes out at you, so it's going to be garbage around the net that goes in. I think Penner is a tough matchup for some of the Wings' defensemen with his presence and strength in front of the net.

Ducks in 6: I love their coaching and their players' coachability. The Ducks also have that inner hunger. With the lessons learned from last year, it could be the difference. I just like their team. They are big, but they are as talented as any team in the league. They're built for this round in particular, and I just see them coming out on top.

ESPN reporter David Amber is a frequent contributor to ESPN.com.