Report: Court throws out NHL lawsuit

The NHL has lost a fight to reclaim money from former Phoenix Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes but says the battle is far from over.

As reported in the Arizona Republic, a federal bankruptcy court threw out most of the league's claims against Moyes last Friday. The NHL filed the lawsuit against Moyes in 2010 in the wake of his decision to have the team file for bankruptcy in 2009.

According to the Republic, the NHL had sought in the suit to recover $145.9 million from Moyes, which included $6.5 million on behalf of Wayne Gretzky, who was still owed unpaid salary from Moyes.

The setback, however, doesn't mean the league is done with Moyes.

"We are still evaluating our immediate options, but we have every intention of continuing to pursue our claims against Mr. Moyes for blatant breaches of his contractual obligations to the league," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN.com via email Wednesday.