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Paris, Los Angeles vying for pair of Olympics.

Bonnie D. Ford and Wayne Drehs join OTL to discuss Los Angeles and Paris looking to get the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympic Games.

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Phelps calls swimming with shark 'a true treat.'

Decorated Olympian Michael Phelps reflects on his experience racing a great white shark and shares his interest in free diving and unexplored areas of the ocean.

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2024 Olympic Bid

IOC Meetings

news - uk olympics

Johnson: LA has the best facilities for 2024.

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson believes LA is the best candidate to host the 2024 games as it already has the best facilities.

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SC Featured

SC Featured: Trading Olympic silver to help save a life.

Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski trades the biggest accomplishment of his career to help fund the care of a young boy with a rare form of cancer.

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espnW: Kerri Walsh's Fight

Beach Volleyball

Walsh Jennings sets sights on Tokyo with new partner.

Kerri Walsh Jennings on why she split from the AVP tour and her 2016 Olympic partner, April Ross -- and how she's now committed to winning another Olympic gold medal in Tokyo in 2020.

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ESPYS: Flashback

Vonn is a living legend on the slopes.

To commemorate the 25th year of The ESPYS, we celebrate 25 athletes who have made the greatest mark on this quarter century. At 32, Lindsey Vonn has cemented herself as the greatest skier in U.S. history.

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The Body Issue

World Hockey Championship

The U.S. women's national hockey team changed the culture of the sport.

By gaining equitable treatment and winning the 2017 world championship, members of U.S. women's national hockey team made history.

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Zach and Julie Ertz believe love is always the answer.

As professional athletes married to each other, Zach and Julie Ertz provide support and inspiration through competition.

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The Body Issue

Olympian Williams-Mills is proud of her scars.

Novlene Williams-Mills, who won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, is proud of the scars on her chest that are a constant reminder of her battle with breast cancer.

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ESPYS: Flashback

Phelps the most decorated Olympian of all time.

To commemorate the 25th year of The ESPYS, we celebrate 25 athletes who have made the greatest mark on this quarter century. 23-time gold medalist Michael Phelps has raised the bar to new heights with a total 28 medals.

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Usain Bolt

Title IX: 45 Years Later

Olympic Sports

The Importance of Title IX: Flo-Jo's Impact.

In 1988, Florence Griffith Joyner became the fastest person in the world winning three gold medals at the Seoul Olympics. Journalist Christine Brennan discusses the kind of brand Flo-Jo brought with her running.

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Track and Field

Title IX 45th Anniversary Vignette: Gail Devers.

Gail Devers may have been the best hurdler of her time while also battling Graves' Disease. Journalist Christine Brennan gives insight to the adversities Devers faced and how she overcame her obstacles.

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Phelps Vs. Shark?

Phelps Vs. Shark?

Does Phelps have any shot at beating a shark in a race?

The SportsNation crew compares Michael Phelps racing a great white shark in its natural habitat to MMA fighter Conor McGregor boxing against Floyd Mayweather.

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ESPN World Fame 100

ESPN World Fame 100

ESPN World Fame Top 10: No. 7: Usain Bolt.

He is the fastest man on the planet ... and also one of the most famous in sports.

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