High-level summit on doping to be held Oct. 22-23 in Paris

PARIS -- A high-level summit on doping in cycling will be held in Paris next month.

The World Anti-Doping Agency on Monday welcomed the announcement by French Sports Minister Roselyne Bachelot of the meeting Oct.
22-23 in Paris.

"Given France's very close links with cycling, especially through the Tour de France history, it is perfectly fitting that this high-level meeting be held in Paris," WADA chief Dick Pound said in a statement.

WADA proposed the meeting following a spate of doping scandals
that have tarnished the sport. Pound met with Bachelot in Paris on Aug. 28.

"All parties have indicated their willingness to take part," Pound said.

WADA had initially proposed convening the meeting itself, but the French are now the official organizers.

WADA will participate "in any appropriate way," Pound said.

The UCI, cycling's governing body, has often been at odds with Pound and had dismissed WADA's proposal at the time. But UCI spokesman Enrico Carpani said Monday that the federation would take part.