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Wednesday, August 21
Swimming group wants Fehr out of USOC news services

Top officials from the American Swimming Coaches Association have a big beef with Major League Baseball union head Donald Fehr.

The organization wants to kick Fehr off the board of the United States Olympic Committee, USA Today reported on Wednesday. The group is upset with Fehr's fight against drug testing for baseball players.

In a letter to USOC president Marty Mankaamyer, obtained by USA Today, swimming official John Leonard said Fehr's presence "continues to give the USA an international black eye. Our entire sport's continuation depends on the reality and perception of clean sport. And Mr. Fehr is waffling on this issue."

Fehr declined to comment to the newspaper on Tuesday, saying he had not seen the letter.

Fehr is busy right now trying to help the Major League Baseball players work out a deal with the owners. The players set a strike date of Aug. 30 on Friday.