2000 Olympic team members do well

MINNEAPOLIS -- Sara Hildebrand and Troy Dumais, both members of the 2000 Olympic team, were runaway winners in the American Cup diving events Friday night.

Dumais, a Ventura, Calif., native, easily won the men's 3-meter
springboard with a six-round cumulative score of 1,115.46.

Dumais, who took sixth at the Sydney Games in 2000 and has 16
national titles, was more than 100 points ahead of second-place
finisher Justin Wilcock, who scored 1,015.29.

The University of Tennessee's Jevon Tarantino earned third with
a score of 985.65.

Hildebrand, who is originally from St. Paul, Minn., took first
in the women's 10-meter platform with a five-round cumulative score
of 893.85, including a near-perfect 95.88 on her final dive.

That dive -- a backward 2½ somersault with 1½ twist, carrying a degree of difficulty of 3.4 -- barely made a splash in the pool at
the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center.

Kimiko Soldati, 30, of Magnolia, Texas, was second with a score
of 790.95.

Brittany Viola, the 16-year-old daughter of former Minnesota
Twins pitcher Frank Viola -- the 1988 Cy Young Award winner, took
third with a score of 784.80.

Laura Wilkinson, a 2000 gold medalist at Sydney, withdrew from
the women's 10-meter after the preliminary rounds with an injured

This event is the final competition in which divers can earn
points toward qualifying for the U.S. Olympic trials, held June
7-13 in St. Peters, Mo.

The women's 3-meter springboard and men's 10-meter platform
finals are scheduled for Saturday.