Armstrong claims "character assassination"

AUSTIN, Texas -- Lance Armstrong is seeking at least
$125,000 from a former personal assistant who contends he found a
banned substance in the cycling champion's apartment last year.

In court documents filed Friday, Armstrong called Mike
Anderson's claim "below the level of tabloid journalism."

Armstrong, in Europe preparing for a bid at a seventh straight
Tour de France title, has maintained he does not take illegal
drugs. The cancer survivor frequently notes he is one of the most
drug-tested athletes in the world.

Armstrong asked a judge for the monetary award for legal fees,
inconvenience, harassment and other expenses related to the

Anderson's claim was "an egregious character assassination
founded upon a demonstrably false string of sensational, untrue and
fabricated allegations," according to court documents.

Anderson worked for Armstrong for about two years and contends
the cycling great made promises to him to him start a bike shop.
Anderson's claim of a banned substance came in a brief filed