Fasel wants ice hockey in Turin called as tightly as NHL

TORONTO -- The president of the International Ice Hockey
Federation wants the same type of tight officiating he sees in the
NHL at the Olympics in Turin.
IIHF president Rene Fasel told officials from the NHL, the
players' association and Hockey Canada that he's going to instruct
his officials to enforce the same crackdown on obstruction, hooking
and holding as has been used in the NHL this season.
"We're going to have the same level at least -- if not
stronger," Fasel said Tuesday. "We'll have four NHL officials and
other officials from the IIHF and we will work together and follow
the line set by the NHL.
"I'm very, very pleased to see how it works in the NHL. That's
the way we should play the game all the time."
Fasel met with NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and NHL
Players' Association executive director Ted Saskin in one meeting
Monday and also met with Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson in
Toronto the same day.
"It's certainly a decision that will benefit NHL players and
participating officials," Daly said Tuesday. "But most
importantly, it's great for the game and for our fans. I think Rene
realizes that what we're experiencing in the NHL right now is the
game the way it was meant to be played. We're very pleased."
Finnish veteran Teemu Selanne of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks was
pleased to hear of Fasel's decision to have the Olympic tournament
called as tightly as the NHL.
"Perfect," he said from Anaheim. "And I think European club
hockey should start that, too. I have a lot of friends who are
playing back there and they say it's worse than ever."