American Mary Beth Iagorashvili was 15th overall

ATHENS, Greece -- Three-time world champion Zsuzsanna Voros
of Hungary won the gold medal in the women's modern pentathlon.

Voros had a 41-second head start on her nearest rival entering
the final 3-kilometer run and had time at the end to grab a
Hungarian flag from the stands and unfurl it while jogging down the
home stretch.

Latvia's Jelena Rublevska was able to make up about half the
difference, but couldn't catch Voros and ended up with the silver
medal. Georgina Harland of Britain won the run, passing 11 women to
move up from 14th place to take the bronze medal.

Harland struggled in the opening pistol competition -- scoring a
three with her eighth shot. She was ranked 30th out of 32 after the
shooting, but placed 12th in fencing, second in swimming, sixth in
riding and dominated the run to take the bronze.

American Mary Beth Iagorashvili, of Munkwonago, Wis., was 15th
overall. She was fourth in Sydney in 2000, the first women's
Olympic pentathlon. Teammate Anita Allen, a captain in the U.S.
Army from Star City, Ind., was 18th.