Holm is former Danish sailor of year

ATHENS, Greece -- A member of Denmark's sailing team was
charged with manslaughter after he struck and killed a British
pedestrian while speeding in his car on the way to see his
country's handball team play.

The sailor, Niklas Holm, hit the man, identified as Errol
Strachan, on a suburban Athens street Sunday night, police said.

Holm, who spent the night in a police station, was released
after prosecutor Athena Stavropoulu charged him with manslaughter
and speeding, both misdemeanors. A court date wasn't immediately

"He has not been arrested, but of course, after such an
accident, there are procedures in Greece, and he was first taken to
the hospital where they took a blood sample, and he was then at
police station overnight,'' Danish Olympic team spokesman Morten
Moelholm said.

Police said they didn't suspect alcohol was a factor.

The 23-year-old sailor will be allowed to compete, but Moelholm
didn't know if he would.

"We must see,'' he said. "We have called in for a crisis
psychologist. He is supposed to start on Saturday but we don't know

"I feel no guilt,'' Holm was quoted as saying on Danish TV2's
Web site, adding he was driving 31 mph in one of the designated
Olympic lanes when he struck Strachan, who worked for a catering
company in Athens.

Holm competes in the star class, which starts competition on
Saturday. He was Denmark's sailor of the year in 2002.

"The police have informed the embassy,'' said Hans Grunnet,
Denmark's ambassador to Greece. "The Olympic committee is handling

Two others in the car -- crew mate Claus Olesen and coach Thomas
Jacobsen -- weren't hurt or charged.