No-show Kafelnikov among those left out

ATHENS, Greece -- Several Russian tennis coaches failed to
get accredited for the Olympics because their national federation
failed to submit applications, a team official said Friday.

"Our Olympic committee satisfied all the needs of the Russian
tennis federation. We gave them all the necessary documents and
everything," said Leo Levsavin, a leader of Russia's delegation.
"But the federation did not make the applications to the Athens

"It's a mystery. We don't know why. Maybe they have an interior
problem," he said.

The Russian newspaper Sovietsky Sport's Web site cited Russian
Tennis Federation head Shamil Tarpishchev as saying that four
coaches were denied accreditation, including Olympic champion
Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

However, Levsavin said "Yevgeny Kafelnikov did not wish to
attend the Games. It was his decision."

Levsavin said the players would have adequate coaching, even
though some of their coaches were missing.

"They have all the necessary ones," he said.