Americans sweep open-water golds at Pan-Pacific

VICTORIA, British Columbia -- American teenagers Chip
Peterson and Chloe Sutton won the 10-kilometer open water swimming
competition at the Pan Pacific Championships on Monday.

Peterson, the 18-year-old world champion from Chapel Hill, N.C.,
swam the Elk Lake course in 1 hour, 54 minutes, 26.68 seconds.

Fran Crippen of Philadelphia earned a silver, finishing in
1:54:50.46. Travis Nederpelt of Australia was third in 1:55:16.89.

"The conditions were very nice, perfect temperature. The setup
was great," Peterson said. "The lake is great. I love how it's
shared by all the swimmers and the rowers and the boaters and by
people going to the beach."

Sutton, a 14-year-old swimmer from Ashburn, Va., won the women's
race in 2:04:25.

"I kept on feeling my muscles starting to give out a little bit
at the end, but I held in there," she said.

Sutton crossed just in front of teammate Kalyn Keller, who was
timed in 2:04:29. Tanya Hunks of Canada took the bronze in 2:05:01.

Sutton changed up her strategy after the race began.

"I was planning on trying to stay maybe second or third
throughout and then sprinting at the end," she said. "But I felt
uncomfortable staying behind so I just took off and tried to stay
in first the whole way."

Open water swimming will be held at the Olympics for the first
time in 2008.