Swimmer treated for hypothermia and other injuries

NEW YORK -- Marathon swimmer Skip Storch was released from
the hospital Sunday after two days recuperating from the
hypothermia, muscle tears and scrapes he picked up on a
record-setting swim around Manhattan.

Storch went home Sunday, his publicist, Irene Savine said.

Family members took Storch to the hospital hours after he
finished circling the island of Manhattan three times in 32 hours,
52 minutes, 30 seconds on Thursday night.

Storch, who became sick during the swim after swallowing salt
water from the choppy Hudson River, did the swim unassisted,
meaning he wore only a bathing suit, cap and goggles.

The previous record for the 85½-mile trip was 33 hours, 30
minutes, set by Stacy Chanin in 1984.

Storch was swimming to raise money for the sarcoidosis treatment
program at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Many New Yorkers -- Storch among them -- contracted the disease
since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 sent clouds of contaminated
dust into the air around the city.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammation that produces tiny clumps of
cells in various organs that can eventually affect their