Technique: Two-man Bobsled

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  • Who
    Steve Holcomb and Steve Langton
  • What
    Two-man bobsled
  • When
    Competition starts Feb. 16.

Holcomb, who drove the four-man Night Train to gold in 2010, says that when push comes to sled, coordination is key. "If you're trying to move a car, you don't each push it individually -- you need to move at the same time," he says. "It's the same thing with a [500-pound sled]." In 2012 Holcomb and pushman Steve Langton became the first American team to win the two-man world championship. In November they won a World Cup race in a track record of 1:49.22 with these ice moves. -- Anna Katherine Clemmons

Photograph by John Huet
  • Marissa Castelli, Simon Shnapir
  • Heather McPhie
  • Steve Holcomb and Steve Langton
  • Sarah Hendrickson
  • Erika Brown, Debbie McCormick, Jessica Schultz, Ann Swishelm
  • Heather Richardson
  • Kelly Clark

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