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Ohno 'falls short' of 1,000-meter gold

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Sunday, February 17, 2002
Ohno should return to ice Monday

Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY -- Speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno, who received six stitches to close a gash in his left thigh after a last-lap crash in the 1,000 meters, skipped practice on Sunday but is expected to compete in his remaining three Olympic events.

Ohno, who managed to stagger across the finish line to win the silver medal on Saturday night, is scheduled to practice on Monday.

"The wound is healing and there is only a moderate amount of pain," USOC team doctor Dan Carr said. "The muscle tissue was bruised, not torn."

The 19-year-old Ohno is still given a shot at winning medals in his three other events.

"At this point, it looks like all systems are go," U.S. short-track team leader Jack Mortell said. "He is in great spirits and is looking forward to racing (in the 1,500) Wednesday."

The 500 and the 5,000-meter relay will be held Saturday.

Ohno was leading the 1,000 when he and three other skaters collided and fell. He landed on his back, skidded to the side of the track and bounced off the padding. But he was able to get up and scramble the final 10 yards to finish behind Steven Bradbury of Australia.

The cut in Ohno's leg probably was caused by his own razor-sharp skates as his body spun out of control. It is the first significant injury of Ohno's career.