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Vegas Strong

NYC Marathon: Flanagan on top

Meb's Grand Finale

Christie speaks

Christie excited for 'popstar' reception in Korea.

Elise Christie explained that despite her infamous disqualification during the Sochi Olympics, she has more superfans from Korea than she had expected.

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NWHL and the 2018 Olympics


Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin's perspective on food changed with World Food Program trip.

Natalie Coughlin is used to thinking of food as fuel -- fuel for swimming. Her experiences in Uganda, as a Zero Hunger ambassador, have dramatically changed that view.

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Olympic Sports

"I think the importance of today is to serve as encouragement for anyone who might be struggling in the closet and as a reminder to live your life authentically and live your truth," freeskier Gus Kenworthy said to open his Facebook Live on the U.S. Ski & Snowboard page Wednesday afternoon in honor of National Coming Out Day. "If I can offer one piece of encouragement to anyone, it would be to take the time to figure yourself out and come to terms with your sexuality ... I feel like my life didn't start until I came out. Being able to come out brought me so much closer to everyone in my life."

Alyssa Roenigk, ESPN The Magazine senior writer

Chicago Marathon 2017

espnw Women + Sports Summit


Foudy's Finds: Brazilian Olympic wrestler wants to inspire young girls.

Aline Silva, an Olympic wrestler from Brazil, is taking part in the Global Sports Mentorship program in the hopes of empowering girls through sports in her home country.

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Global Sports Mentoring Program Spotlight.

Julie Foudy introduces the 2017 class of Global Sports Mentoring Program delegates and speaks with members of the 2016 class.

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2024, 2028 Olympic Bids

Reaction: 2024, 2028 Olympic Bids

2028 LA Olympics

L.A. officially gets 2028 Olympics.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti reacts to the IOC saying yes to having the 2028 Olympics in L.A. Chairman of Los Angeles 2028 Olympic bid Casey Wasserman explains what venues will be used for the games.

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Usain Bolt



Chinese surfers take to the waves.

Surfing will make its Olympics debut in 2020 and in a bid to be competitive China has sent a team to California to learn the sport

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Rio, One Year Later

WATCH: The Oily Tongan takes on cross-country skiing.

Pita Taufatofua, Tonga's shirtless Olympic flag bearer, braves the cold as he trains for cross-country skiing ahead of the 2018 Winter Games.

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Usain Bolt's Farewell

Rio: One Year Later

Rio after the Games.

The 2016 Olympic Games have left crumbling stadiums and debt instead of the promised financial and sporting benefits for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

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