Cadel Evans: Cycling deserves credit

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Tour de France champion Cadel Evans says cycling deserves more credit for its efforts to combat the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

But Evans acknowledged Friday that the UCI, the world cycling federation, still has more work to do. "I won't say it's a never-ending fight, but it's a complicated job like fighting crime in modern society," he said.

The Australian, speaking after a parade in his honor in Melbourne, said, "You can't eliminate it completely, but they're doing well and I'm just a bit sorry they're not praised for their efforts just a little bit more -- a little bit of encouragement and optimism."

In the past, Evans has been reluctant to comment on doping in cycling.

"The sport has always been winning, but it's a hard and complicated fight," Evans told Australian Associated Press Friday.
"From what I see, it's really improving. What we see inside and what we say and what's reported in the press aren't always quite the same ... sometimes I think what I'm speaking is falling on deaf ears."