Michelle Kwan's car stolen

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Police say former Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan's car was stolen after her husband, Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell, left the keys inside.

Police report that Pell and Kwan were scheduled to attend an event Tuesday along with others when he dropped the car keys between the seats of her Toyota Prius, parked outside the couple's East Side Providence home. Pell could not easily reach the keys, so he closed the car door and left with Kwan in another vehicle.

Police said the couple didn't notice her car missing until the next morning. The couple drove around the neighborhood looking for it before reporting it stolen Wednesday.

In addition, the Providence Journal reported that Kwan said during a neighborhood political meeting that a hockey stick autographed by Wayne Gretzky was inside the car when it was stolen. Police, however, told the Journal that neither Kwan nor Pell reported anything missing from the car.

Kwan is a five-time world champion and double Olympic medalist. Pell faces two other Democrats in the state primary.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.