Eleven weightlifters test positive

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Eleven weightlifters failed drug tests
at the World Championships in November in Canada.

Banned substances were found in the tests of nine men and two
women, International Weightlifting Federation spokesman Jeno
Boskovics said Friday.

Although some national federations already announced bans for
their weightlifters, Boskovics said a final decision on each case
would be made at the federation's board meeting next month.

Information about which substances were involved would be
available only from the appropriate national federations, Boskovics

The nine men who tested positive in Vancouver, British Columbia,
were: Sanjar Kadyrbergenov (Turkmenistan, 123-pound class); Henadzi
Aliashchuk (Belarus, 137 pounds); Vladimir Popov (Moldavia, 137
pounds); Khalid A. Himdan (Iraq, 137 pounds); Mohammad Swara (Iraq,
137 pounds); Dmitriy Lomakin (Kazakhstan, 152 pounds); Vladislav
Lukanin (Russia, 152 pounds); Gevorg Davtyan (Armenia, 170 pounds);
and Artem Udachyn (Ukraine, over 231 pounds).

The two women were: China's Shichun Shang and Hungary's Ilona
Danko, both in the 165-pound class. Danko, who was fourth in the
worlds, said she took an unspecified diuretic to speed weight loss
and was banned until November 2005.