Holland, Saathoff will compete in Athens

FORT BENNING, Ga. -- Koby Holland and Adam Saathoff
qualified for the Athens Olympics in running target after taking
the top two spots at the U.S. shooting trials Sunday.

This is the final year for running target at the Olympics.

Saathoff, of Hereford, Ariz., won with a 1,913. Holland led the
men for the first two days but lost ground during the third day of
competition to finish second with a 1,910.3. That was good enough
to make the team, which has been a goal since the early 1990s.

Holland, of Dillon, Mont., used to live at the Olympic training
center in Colorado Springs, Colo., but now spends most of his time
training on a two-lane range in the basement of his brother's

"I have been focusing a lot on the mental aspect of the game,"
he said. "There is only so much actual shooting training you can
do, then the rest really comes down to who is the most focused in
the match."

Saathoff will be making his third Olympics appearance in the

"My scores keep getting better each year, but so do everyone
else's. I am just hoping that I hit my peak at the Olympics," he
said. "I feel really confident that this is the year."

In men's air pistol, Brian Zins took a four-point lead over
Jason Turner. Darryl Szarenski is third after an off performance
put him three points away from making the Olympic team.

The pistol team had a fall Olympic selection match last year and
will take those scores and add them to the points from this
competition to calculate the winners.

After the women's sport pistol match last year, Elizabeth
Callahan and Rebecca Snyder took such a big lead that no one is
close to pushing them out of the top two spots. Callahan and Snyder
are tied with a 36-point lead going into the final day.

In the second day of men's three-position rifle, Matt Emmons
still has the lead.