Kappler immediately noticed the wrong mark

MADRID, Spain -- German long jumper Bianca
Kappler will be awarded a bronze medal after officials admitted
her sixth and final attempt in Saturday's European indoor
women's final had been measured wrongly.

After Kappler had refused on Sunday to take her final jump
again, a European Athletics Association (EAA) jury of appeal
decided to award the 27-year-old German a second bronze medal.

Without her final erroneous mark of 6.96, Kappler was
seventh out of eight finalists in provisional results posted on
Sunday morning.

"The jury has decided to award two bronze medals and the
final jump will be annulled " EAA media manager Nicolas Russi
told reporters. "An official statement will be released later."

Kappler, whose indoor best is 6.71 meters, told reporters on
Sunday she had realized immediately that she had been given the
wrong mark.

After lengthy consultations, EAA officials said the mark was
wrong and announced that Kappler would take her final jump alone
in the arena on Sunday evening.

"That's ridiculous, I definitely won't jump," Kappler told
reporters on Sunday. "There's no rule that I have to jump the
next day. The whole event should be taken again."

She said German television pictures showed she had jumped
around 6.65 meters, which would have good enough for a medal.

Russi said the only certainty had been that final jump was
not 6.96.

"The jury know that the result is the wrong result," he
said. "We believe the equipment has worked properly so it most
probably was a human error."

Portuguese heptathlete Naide Gomes is now the gold medallist
with a jump of 6.70. Greece's Stiliani was Pilatou second with
6.64, and Romanian Adina Anton, who jumped 6.59, will be awarded
one of the two bronzes.