Kim Jong Un impersonator whisked away at Korea game

South Korean police check the ticket of a man impersonating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after he was removed from the Unified Korean women's hockey game against Japan. Yelim Lee/AFP/Getty Images

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea -- A Kim Jong Un impersonator calling himself only Howard from Australia made an appearance at the Korea-Japan women's hockey game at the Olympics on Wednesday.

He briefly walked in front of a North Korean cheering section, waving a unification flag and smiling before being moved away to his seat nearby.

Security then came to take him out of the arena as a crowd began to form. Police later took over, surrounding him in a hall outside the seating area and preventing him from going back into the game.

The impersonator wore a long, black overcoat and glasses, and he sported the North Korean dictator's trademark haircut.

"This is how I look," he said as police led him into a staff room.