Filling out the U.S. Olympic roster

Who will be representing the red, white and blue when Team USA marches into Olympic Stadium on July 27? There's a lot to be determined in the next six months -- both in terms of which Olympic berths the U.S. secures, and which athletes will fill them -- but these American athletes have already booked their tickets to London:

Already qualified

These athletes earned their spots on the U.S. team in 2011 and then qualified their weight classes to the Olympics at the 2011 world championships.

Rau'shee Warren (flyweight/114 pounds)
Joseph Diaz Jr. (bantamweight/123 pounds)

Errol Spence (welterweight/152 pounds)

These athletes earned their spots on the U.S. team in 2011 and qualified a boat to the Olympics in their respective classes at the 2011 world championships.

Zach Railey (Finn)
Rob Crane (Laser)
Bob Willis (RS:X windsurfer)
Stu McNay (470)
Graham Biehl (470)
Erik Storck (49er)
Trevor Moore (49er)
Mark Mendelblatt (Star)
Brian Fatih (Star)

Paige Railey (Laser Radial)

Amanda Clark (470)
Sarah Lihan (470)

These athletes qualified through compiled international results.

Eric Uptagrafft (50-meter rifle, prone)
Matt Emmons (50-meter rifle, three position)
Josh Richmond (double trap)

Kim Rhode (skeet)
Jamie (Beyerle) Gray (50-meter rifle, three position)

Alex Meyer (10K open water, qualified at 2011 world championships)

Track and field
Meb Keflezighi (marathon, qualified at Jan. 14 trials)
Ryan Hall (marathon, qualified at Jan. 14 trials)
Abdi Abdirahman (marathon, qualified at Jan. 14 trials)
John Nunn (50K walk, qualified provisionally at Jan. 22 trials, but could be bumped if another athlete meets the Olympic "A" standard)

Shalane Flanagan (marathon, qualified at Jan. 14 trials)
Desiree Davila (marathon, qualified at Jan. 14 trials)
Kara Goucher (marathon, qualified at Jan. 14 trials)

These athletes qualified through the 2011 world championship series.

Gwen Jorgensen
Sarah Groff

Nominated to seek direct qualification

These athletes have made the Olympic team, but the U.S. hasn't qualified Olympic berths in their sports/events yet. If the U.S. earns the spots, then these are the athletes who will fill them.

Rhythmic gymnastics
Julie Zetlin (pending international confirmation)

Farrah Hall (RS:X windsurfer)

Synchronized swimming
Megan Hansley (team)
Mary Killman (team, duet)
Maria Koroleva (team, duet)
Michelle Moore (team)
Olivia Moore (team)
Leah Pinette (team)

Caitlin Stewart (team)

Michelle Theriault (team)
Alison Williams (team)

Table tennis

Michael Landers
Barney Reed
Adam Hugh
Timothy Wang

Jun Gao
Ariel Hsing
Lily Zhang
Erica Wu

U.S. Olympic qualification calendar

The bulk of the 2012 U.S. Olympic team is still to be named. Here are some key dates in the qualification process. (Note: A "quota spot" means a spot is reserved for a country but may not necessarily be filled by the athlete who earned it. "Direct qualification" means an athlete earns qualification both for his/her country and for herself/himself. Team for basketball, field hockey, soccer, volleyball and water polo may be named before the listed deadlines.)


15-26: Field hockey, qualifying tournament; New Delhi, India (team qualification)

20-26: Diving, World Cup; London (quota spots)
23-26: Shooting, U.S. airgun trials, final; Camp Perry, Ohio (final U.S. qualification)

1: Equestrian (dressage), final ranking (quota spots)
2-3: Weightlifting, U.S. men's championships; Columbus, Ohio (selection to seek quota spot)
4: Weightlifting, U.S. women's trials; Columbus, Ohio (U.S. qualification)
10-11: Canoe/kayak, slalom, Pan American championships; Foz do Iguassu, Brazil (quota spots)
10-11: Taekwondo, U.S. trials; Colorado Springs (final U.S. qualification)

15-17: Rowing, National Selection Regatta; Chula Vista, Calif. (U.S. qualification)
20-29: Sailing, women's windsurfing, world championships; Cadiz, Spain (quota spot)
21-24: Equestrian (jumping), U.S. trials; Wellington, Fla. (U.S. qualification)
22-April 2: Soccer, men's regional qualifying tournament; Nashville, Kansas City (Kansas) and Carson (Calif.) (team qualification)

23-25: Wrestling, Pan American qualifier; Orlando (quota spots)

25-April 1: Table tennis, world team championships; Dortmund, Germany (quota spots)

2: Fencing, final ranking (quota spots)
4-8: Cycling (track), world championships (last event for ranking purposes and quota spots)
9-12: Rowing, National Selection Regatta and non-qualified small boat trials; Chula Vista, Calif. (U.S. qualification)
12-14: Canoe/kayak, U.S. slalom trials; Charlotte, N.C. (points toward qualification)
13-16: Fencing, U.S. championships; Virginia Beach (points toward qualification)

18-22: Synchronized swimming, Olympic qualifying tournament; London (team qualification)
20-21: Canoe/kayak, U.S. sprint trials; Oklahoma City (final U.S. qualification)
20-22: Table tennis, North American qualifier; Cary, N.C. (direct qualification)

20-23: Wrestling, U.S. trials; Iowa City (U.S. qualification)
20-25: Archery, Continental Qualification Tournament; Medellin, Colombia (quota spots)
22-24: Fencing, qualifying for the Americas; Chile (quota spots/direct qualification)
23-28: Archery, Second Nomination Shoot; Chula Vista, Calif. (U.S. qualification)
27: Swimming, U.S. women's open water trial; Fort Myers, Fla. (selection to seek direct qualification)

27-29: Wrestling, Olympic qualifier; Taiyuan, China (quota spots)

1: Judo, final ranking (direct qualification)
3: Badminton, final ranking (quota spots/direct qualification)
4-6: Rowing, World Cup; Belgrade, Serbia (direct qualification)
4-6: Wrestling, Olympic qualifier; Helsinki, Finland (quota spots)
4-9: Sailing, women's match racing, U.S. trial; Weymouth, England (final U.S. qualification)

4-13: Boxing, men's qualifier for the Americas; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (direct qualification)
4-13: Volleyball, men's qualification tournament; site TBA (team qualification)
7-13: Modern pentathlon, world championships; Rome (quota spots/direct qualification)
9-20: Boxing, women's world championships; Qinhuangdao, China (direct qualification)
10-12:Triathlon, World Championship Series; San Diego (U.S. qualification)
10-13:Table tennis, final qualifier; Doha, Qatar (direct qualification)
11-19: Weightlifting, Pan American Championships; Antigua, Guatemala (quota spot/final U.S. qualification)

17-20: Shooting, U.S. shotgun trials, final; Tucson, Ariz. (final U.S. qualification)
20-23: Rowing, qualification regatta; Lucerne, Switzerland (quota spots)
23: Cycling (mountain bike), final ranking (quota spots; may also affect U.S. qualification)
25-27: Rowing, World Cup; Lucerne, Switzerland (direct qualification)

25-27: Cycling (BMX), world championships (quota spots)
28: Cycling (BMX), final ranking (quota spots)
30-June 9: Shooting, U.S. pistol/rifle smallbore trials, final; Fort Benning, Ga. (final U.S. qualification)

31: Triathlon, final rankings (quota spots)
31: Cycling (road), final ranking (quota spots)

1-3: Archery, Third Nomination Shoot; Colorado Springs (final U.S. qualification)
1: Modern pentathlon, final rankings (quota spots/direct qualification)

2-9: Volleyball, men's qualification tournament; Tokyo (team qualification)

8-10: Volleyball, men's qualification tournaments; Rome and Berlin (team qualification)
8-10: Canoe/kayak, slalom, World Cup; Cardiff, Wales (final U.S. qualification)
8-17: Equestrian (dressage), U.S. trials; Gladstone, N.J. (final U.S. qualification)
9-10: Swimming, women's open water qualifier; Sebutal, Portugal (quota spots/direct qualification)

11: Tennis, final ranking (direct qualification)
11-14: Rowing, Olympic trials (if necessary; final U.S. qualification)

16: Cycling (BMX), U.S. men's trials; Chula Vista, Calif. (U.S. qualification)
17-24: Diving, U.S. trials; Seattle (final U.S. qualification)
18: Basketball, U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)

18: Volleyball, U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)

18: Water polo, U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)
18: Beach volleyball, final ranking (quota spots/direct qualification)
18-24: Archery, World Qualification Tournament; Ogden, Utah (quota spots)
22-July 1: Track and field, U.S. trials; Eugene, Ore. (final U.S. qualification)

25: Field hockey, U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)
25-July 2: Swimming, U.S. trials; Omaha, Neb. (final U.S. qualification)
27-28: Trampoline, U.S. Championships; San Jose, Calif. (final U.S. qualification)

28-July 1: Gymnastics (artistic), U.S. trials; San Jose, Calif. (final U.S. qualification)

2: Soccer, U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)

Wrestling, U.S. wrestle-offs (final U.S. qualification)
Equestrian, selected event for U.S. eventing qualification