AIBA lifts 3-month suspension

Amateur boxing's international governing body has lifted its suspension of USA Boxing and ruled that all boxing activity is free to proceed.

USA Boxing had previously been suspended for three months over its response to several controversial statements by its former president, Hal Adonis. The International Boxing Association (AIBA) had canceled all American amateur boxing competitions and clinics until mid-January.

"We are extremely grateful to AIBA for their willingness to lift the suspension and allow our athletes to participate in all boxing events so quickly," said Dr. Charles Butler, president of USA Boxing. "The athletes across the country were the biggest victims of this suspension and we wanted to ensure that the mistakes of the organization's past leadership have as little impact on them as possible. (AIBA president) Dr. Wu agreed with us, lifted the suspension, and expressed strong support to protect our athletes and the membership of USA Boxing."

The two-year suspension from all amateur boxing activities AIBA placed on ex-president Hal Adonis remains in effect. Adonis was quoted in the New Yorker magazine earlier this year claiming connections between childhood abuse and successful boxers.

USA Boxing removed Adonis as its president and chairman of the board in June, yet its board of directors still voted to retain Adonis as a board member, drawing more ire from AIBA and the USOC, which threatened to decertify USA Boxing.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.