Olympics burning questions

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte shows off the grill made by Paul Wall and TV Johnny. FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/GettyImages

So much goes on in one day of Olympic competition, it's hard for the average person to keep up. In my case, some of the events left a few lingering questions other people might be afraid to ask for fear of looking ignorant. Thankfully, that's never been a problem for me.

• Which hardware is cooler, Ryan Lochte's grill or a gold medal?

• When the U.S. beats Great Britain, do you secretly say, "And that's for taxation without representation!"?

• Should we stack the deck and put some basketball players on the USA volleyball team for ultimate leaping power?

• Did anybody actually think the Queen of England jumped out of that helicopter during the opening ceremony?

• Speaking of the ceremony, didn't it resemble a bad nightmare after drinking sour milk and watching Harry Potter movies?

• After Abby Wambach took that sucker punch in the eye, can we officially call her the toughest athlete at the Games?

• Which was the more painful crying session: South Korean fencer Shin A. Lam after a clock issue in the final second or Jordyn Wieber after not qualifying for the individual all-around finals?

• When will U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman's parents get their own reality show ... called "Stick It"?

• How can you not get teary-eyed when the national anthem plays for a gold medalist?

• Do the Olympics remind you a little of "The Hunger Games"?

• Have we become so jaded with sports that we can't enjoy a phenomenal performance but instead must claim the athlete is doping?

• Do you get winded listening to athletes breathe heavily in interviews immediately after their events?

• Who's ready for track and field?

• Who's trying to go to Rio in 2016?