China's Teng Haibin withdraws

LONDON -- Defending Olympic champion China is replacing a member of its men's team after 2004 pommel horse gold medalist Teng Haibin tore a muscle in his left forearm.

Teng was replaced by Guo Weiyang, a member of last year's world team, according to the International Gymnastics Federation. Guo was flying to London on Wednesday from Northern Ireland, where China had its pre-Olympic training camp. The men's competition begins Saturday.

Teng reportedly injured his arm during training camp. The Chinese hoped he'd still be able to compete, and he practiced Wednesday with his forearm wrapped in a heavy bandage.

But he struggled on each of the four events he did, falling at least four times alone on the pommel horse, his specialty. He could be seen massaging his arm between routines, and grimaced when he tried to push himself into a handstand on high bar.

The Chinese had barely left The O2 Arena when his withdrawal was announced.