Christian Taylor wins triple jump

LONDON -- Christian Taylor won the Olympic triple jump gold medal on Thursday night to go with his world title, overtaking U.S. teammate Will Claye with his fourth jump in the final.

Taylor continued his season-leading form with a best jump of 17.81 meters, 19 centimeters clear of second-place Claye. Italy's Fabrizio Donato, the 35-year-old European champion, took bronze at 17.48.

Taylor is the world champion outdoors and Claye has the world indoor title, and together they're looking to break the world record of 18.29 meters set by Britain's Jonathan Edwards in 1995.

"Will and I ... It's special to share it with him," Taylor said. "We're getting people to talk about the triple jump again. That's a goal of ours.

"I definitely think the world record could come down this year, but we're taking it one day at a time."

Leevan Sands of the Bahamas injured his right leg during the final and had to be carried from the pit on a stretcher after fouling on his fourth attempt, delaying the finish. He still posted a mark good enough to earn fifth place.

"It was sad to see that happen," Claye said. "You hope he's going to come back even stronger. I know he's not done yet. It hit me when it happened. They kept showing it on the replay and his knee didn't look the best."