Tatyana Lysenko wins hammer

LONDON -- Tatyana Lysenko of Russia set an Olympic record Friday night to win the hammer throw, an event marred by a technical problem with the measurements for the bronze-medal winner.

Lysenko, the former world-record holder who served a two-year doping ban until 2009, set the games record with her first attempt at 77.56 meters and then improved it with her fifth at 78.18. Aksana Miankova of Belarus held the previous Olympic record of 76.34, set at the 2008 Beijing Games.

Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland earned the silver at 77.60, and Betty Heidler of Germany took the bronze at 77.13.

China's Zhang Wenxiu was originally ranked third at 76.34, but Heidler was later elevated to the bronze medal when officials remeasured her fifth throw -- which initially didn't register at 77.13 due to technical problems.

China protested the result and the medal ceremony was delayed until Saturday, but officials later rejected the appeal.