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United States
Age: 52
Date of Birth: Feb. 25, 1952
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.
Current Residence: Upper Marlboro, Md.
Sport: Shooting
Event: Women's sport pistol and air pistol
Military Affiliation: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Reserve.
Previous Olympics: 1996 - 23rd in sport pistol. 1992 - 37th in sport pistol.
World Championships: 2002 - 7th in sport pistol. Also competed in 1998 and 1990.
National Championships: 2002 - 4th in sport pistol, 5th in air pistol. 2001 - 3rd in sport pistol, 3rd in air pistol. 2000 - 5th in sport pistol, 2nd in air pistol. 1999 - 3rd in air pistol, 3rd in sport pistol. 1997 - 1st in air pistol, 1st in sport pistol. 1995 - 2nd in sport pistol. 1990 - 3rd in air pistol, 3rd in sport pistol. 1989 - 2nd.
2004 Qualifying: Finished second to Rebecca Snyder at U.S. trials in sport pistol. Having qualified in sport pistol and already shot the minimum qualifying score in air pistol at a separate event, Callahan chose to shoot air pistol at the Olympics as well.
World rank: 27th in sport pistol, 57th in air pistol, as of July 1.
Other career highlights: 1999 - 1st in sport pistol, 4th in air pistol at Pan American Games. 1991 - 2nd, Pan Am Games.

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