Team Cuba

Cuba has won three of the four baseball gold medals.

They wanted the Americans. But the Cubans happily settled for a gold medal against another foe, pounding the upstart Australians 6-2 on Wednesday. Japan, which lost to Australia in the semifinals, settled for bronze with a win over Canada.
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    Greece baseball team grabs first victory
    Greece won for the first time ever in Olympic baseball Saturday night, getting 14 hits from its Greek-American lineup to beat Italy 12-7 in a showdown between the two weakest teams in the eight-nation tournament.
    O's official: Greek baseball has enough money
    The Greek Olympic baseball team has sufficient financial backing to go to Greece after working out next month in the United States, an official of the Baltimore Orioles said Saturday.
    Caple: It's not Greek to them
    The U.S. won't have an Olympic baseball team -- but Greece will. And it's a team full of ... Americans.

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    Rockies refuse to send prospect to Olympics
    The Colorado Rockies refused to let prized pitching prospect Jeff Francis go to Athens, which means Canada's Olympic baseball team is looking for a new ace.
    Cash-poor Greek baseball team stuck in States
    The Greek Olympic baseball team is so short of cash that it has no funds to return for the games after training in the United States, a top official said Friday.
    Athens Insider: No kidding 
    Brian Church, our Athens Insider, offers a little slice of what life's like in the host city. And he swears all of it is true.
    Ratto: Greece is for ...
    With the Games barely weeks away, the Greek Olympic Committee must market this puppy as never before.
    U.S. baseball team fails to qualify for Athens
    The defending champion United States baseball team failed to qualify for the 2004 Athens Olympics, stunned by Mexico 2-1 Friday in a qualifying tournament.
    Redefining Athens identity
    In 1896, Athens had just about 100,000 people. Today, greater Athens is a concrete carpet of more than 4 million people.
    The uneasy guarantee
    Officials promise there will be safe Games in Athens this summer.
    Swifter. Higher. Scarier.
    The threat of terrorism has some athletes concerned for their safety, while others still look forward to competing in Athens.
    Afghani athletes first since '96 at Olympic Games
    Five young athletes from Afghanistan have set out on an adventure -- to the 2004 Summer Games in Athens.
    Hirshberg: The dope on steroids
    Which athletes can gain the most from steroids? Are cigarettes worse than 'roids? We have the answers.