Stetka: Cash concerns a 'non-issue'

BALTIMORE -- The Greek Olympic baseball team has sufficient
financial backing to go to Greece after working out next month in
the United States, an official of the Baltimore Orioles said

On Friday, the president of the Greek Baseball Federation
declared that the team is so short of cash that it has no funds to
return for the games.

"At this moment we do not have money to pay for the tickets for
our team to come to participate in the Olympic Games," Panos
Mitsiopoulos told The Associated Press.

That is not the case, according to Orioles spokesman Bill

"We were surprised to hear that," Stetka said. "It's a
non-issue. The flights have been arranged, and the cost already
covered, through a cooperative effort by the Orioles, major league
baseball, the Greek Federation and the family of Peter Angelos."

Peter Angelos, a Greek-American who owns the Orioles, helped
organize the Greek Olympic team.

Stetka said the team will begin practicing in the Baltimore area
on Aug. 2 and will stay through the Aug. 4 before heading home to

Mitsiopoulos claims the federation only received about a third
of the promised $372,000 for Olympics preparations. He added that
other Greek sports federations are also short on funds.

"This is happening with all the teams. All the federations are
complaining," Mitsiopoulos said.