Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps & Co. provided many memorable moments.

The Americans raked in the medals -- 103 of them. But the '04 Olympics will long be remembered for other reasons. The glory of the Athens Games lies in one breathtaking venue and the indelible moments even an NBA star could appreciate.

Today on the Olympics

Everyone managed to survive the Athens Olympics, despite dire predictions. But will Greece survive the Games?

There was only one missing element to the musical Closing Ceremony : The Matlock theme, Brian Church writes.

Allen Iverson might once have been the unwilling pupil of Larry Brown, but his coach should've been studying the lessons AI taught on accountability in Athens.

Athens Insider: Bravo, Athina!Insider
Some Olympic winners: the volunteers, the venues, the security, Tomato Tom and Yolanda Griffith.
Ratto: In a not-so-perfect world ...
The good folks at Wheaties overlooked some worthy contenders to represent the Breakfast of Champions.
Caple: Fashion in Athens
What's the best souvenir to bring home from the Olympics? The uniforms, right off the athletes' backs.
What's black and white and MIA?
Zebra, that's who. Bring the striped wonder back, cause Shawn Crawford is ready to race again.

 Medal Defense
Dan Patrick Show: Gymnast Paul Hamm says the South Koreans are still trying to get his gold medal.
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