American Bade finishes fifth in trap

ATHENS, Greece -- Olena Kostevych needed an extra shot to
win her gold medal. Russia's Alexei Alipov ended the suspense early
in his victory.

Alipov missed just one target in two days, finishing with a
perfect final round on a blustery Sunday to win the gold in trap
shooting and tie two Olympic records.

"The final was difficult,'' he said. "The other shooters
missed some shots due to the wind. But I didn't worry about it.''

Kostevych, from Ukraine, won the gold medal in 10-meter air
pistol, needing a shoot-off to beat Jasna Sekaric of
Serbia-Montenegro in the final.

Kostevych and Sekaric were tied at 483.3 after 10 shots in the
final round, and 40 shots in qualifying, setting the stage for a
one-shot tiebreaker. Kostevych shot a 10.2 to Sekaric's 9.4 to win
the gold.

On the men's side, Alipov shot all 25 targets in the final to
finish with an overall score of 149, tying the Olympic record. In
qualifying, Alipov also matched an Olympic record, scoring 124 out
of a possible 125. Both records were set in Atlanta by Michael
Diamond of Australia.

Qualifying consists of five 25-target rounds shot over two days.
Alipov missed once in his third round on Saturday. He shot all 50
targets in qualifying Sunday, and followed that up with his perfect
run in the final. The run was even more impressive, given steady
winds more than 20 mph and even stiffer gusts.

Italy's Giovanni Pellielo won the silver in trap, finishing
three points behind Alipov. Adam Vella of Australia took the bronze
with a 145.

Lance Bade of Vancouver, Wash., who won a bronze medal in trap
in Atlanta in 1996, finished fifth after hitting 21 targets in the

Before Kostevych and Sekaric could fire the deciding shots, two
other tiebreakers were needed for lower positions.

In the bronze-medal shoot-off, Maria Grozdeva of Bulgaria shot a
10.4, while China's Ren Jie shot a 9.7. They had been tied at
482.3, one point behind Kostevych and Sekaric.

Earlier, Natalia Paderina of Russia shot a 10 to move into fifth
place ahead of Munkhbayar Dorjsuren of Germany, who shot a 9.3.

Rebecca Snyder of Grand Junction, Colo., was the top American in
air pistol, finishing tied for 16th in the qualifying round. Libby
Callahan of Upper Marlboro, Md., who at 52 is the oldest U.S.
athlete competing in Athens, was 30th.

Diamond, who won the gold in the past two Olympics, did not
reach the final round, placing eighth in qualifying with a 119 out
of 125. Only the top six make it to the final in trap.