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Field hockey


  • 1 men's tournament
  • 1 women's tournament


12 teams for both men and women. A first round of two six team leagues leads on to knock out stages of semi-finals a final and a bronze medal match.


Approx. 2000 BC

Documents provide evidence that a hockey-type game is played with Persia generally regarded as the founding place of the sport.


Birth of the first club, at Blackheath, near London.


Field hockey makes its Olympic debut at the Games in London. Great Britain wins the gold medal.


Women are permitted to compete in international matches after the founding of the International Federation of Women's National Hockey Associations.


Creation of the European Cup, a competition attracting Europe's top clubs.


Creation of the men's World Cup. Pakistan wins the first edition.


Women's World Cup is established. Holland win the inaugural edition.


Women's Hockey joins the Olympic roster at Moscow in 1980.


Dhyan Chand (India)

The founding father of the Indian tradition after scoring more than 2000 goals in 20 years on the international scene and winning the Olympic gold in 1928, 1932 and 1936.

Andreas Keller (West Germany/Germany)

King of the Kellers. This third generation field hockey player from the Keller family of Berlin won Olympic gold in 1992 after winning silver in both 1984 and 1988. His grandfather Erwin and father Carsten respectively won silver in 1936 and gold in 1972.

Rechelle Hawkes (Australia)

She won her third Olympic gold at Sydney 2000, where she also had the honour of reciting the Olympic oath. She also won two World Cups (1994 and 1998).

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