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1.5km swim, followed by a 40km bike ride and finally a 10km run all without interruption. Changes of outfit and equipment are part of the race. Mass start with the first person to cross the line declared the winner.



The triathlon makes its debut in France where it is practiced at annual events in the greater Paris region (Joinville-le-Pont, Melun and Poissy).


First triathlon in America at Fiesta Island (California).

February 18, 1978

Gordon Haller wins the first edition of the Hawaii triathlon.


The triathlon begins to become popular in Europe.

April 1, 1989

The International Triathlon Union is founded.

August 6, 1989

40 national teams and 700 triathletes take part in the first triathlon world championships in France.


The Olympic Games welcomes the triathlon as an official sport in Sydney.


Mark Allen (United States)

Ironman. He demands respect after three World Cups and six wins in the Ironman competition in Hawaii. He became the first triathlon world champion in 1989.

le triathlète anglais Simon Lessing, quadruple champion du monde passe la ligne d'arrivée de l'épreuve de course à pied du Grand Prix national Arena. Simon Lessing remporte, le 03 juin 2000, le triathlon international de Marseille devant le Français Olivier Marceau et l'Allemand Ralf Egert.

Simon Lessing (Great Britain)

Olympic title proves elusive. Five-time world champion over short course and long course. The Briton, originally from South Africa, has only seen the Olympic title elude him. At Sydney 2000, he had to settle for 9th place. Triple European champion over short course.

Brigitte McMahon (Switzerland)

The first. Brigitte Huber (married name McMahon) will forever be etched in the history books after becoming the first Olympic champion. It was her first major success at Sydney 2000 when she won the gold medal.

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