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Nordic Combined

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The Competition


To cross the finish line first after completing two events: Ski jumping followed by a cross-country skiing race (freestyle).

Three events, all for men

Two individual events, one normal hill (K90 plus 10km cross-country) and one large hill (K120 plus 10km). There is also a team event (K120 and 4x5km)


Whistler Olympic Park

Competition dates

February 14, 23, 25

The Events


Competitors take one jump on the normal hill (90km) and one jump on the large hill (120km) depending on the competition. Contestants are awarded points according to style and length of the each jump, which are later tranformed into a time according to the Gundersen system. 1pt equals 4sec, 15pts equals 1 minute). For the cross-country race (10km), the winner of the ski jumping starts first followed by the others in regards to their scores. The first competitor across the finish line is the winner.

Team event

Four skiers make up a team. Each team member jumps once off the large hill (120m) and the score of the four jumps is combined (1pt equals 1.33secs, 45pts equals 1 minute). In the relay, (4x5km), the start times are staggered, using the same method as for the individual competitions. The fourth and final skier from each team who is first across the finish line wins the gold for his team.


The score for ski-jumping is based on two elements

length and style.

Scoring for length

A jump that reaches the K-point (90m or 120m) is worth 60 points. Each metre longer or shorter means an addition or deduction of 1.5pts for the large hill event and 2pts for the normal hill.

Scoring for style

5 judges award marks out of 20. The highest and lowest scores are deducted and the remaining three are added for a final score.

Important Dates

  • 1767 : Norwegian army organises the first cross-country skiing competitions for troops only
  • 1862 : The first ski jumping competition takes place at Trysil in Norway
  • 1892 : The Nordic combined is the major attraction at the popular Holmenkollen ski festival in Norway.
  • 1924 : Nordic combined is included at the inaugural Olympic Games held in Chamonix.
  • 1960 : After decades of Scandinavian domination, West German Georg Thoma wins gold.
  • 1988 : Nordic combined team events introduced into Olympic calendar.
  • 2002 : Individual sprint event added to events at Salt Lake City.


Johan Grottumsbraaten (NOR)

One of the first Olympic heroes. At the first Games in 1924 in Chamonix, he won bronze in the Nordic combined and a silver and a bronze in the cross-country. Four years later in St Moritz he won gold in the Nordic combined and gold in the 18km cross country. Did the double again at the 1931 world championships before winning the Nordic combined again in 1932 at Lake Placid.

Ulrich Wehling (E. GER)

The only athlete to have won the individual event three times, Ruled the sport between 1972 and 1980 and was a superb technical jumper despite his bulk. Also won two world titles in 1974 and 1978.

Samppa Lajunen (FIN)

Won three gold medals at Salt Lake in 2002 including the sprint which was making its debut. Also added the individual and team titles in a dominating display.

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