Can You Pass Our Big Bass Quiz?

Think you're an expert on lunker bass fishing? Then put your money where your mouth is and take our Big Bass Quiz! Choose the best answer, then add up your score to see just how smart you really are about big bass and how to catch them. Ready? Then get started — and no cheating!
— Harry 'n' Charlie

1. Where was the world record bass caught?
a. Lake Fork
b. Lake Biwa
c. Falcon Lake
d. Montgomery Lake
e. Both b and d are correct

2. The name of the lucky stiff who recently caught a 22-pound, 5-ounce largemouth is:
a. Gary Yamamoto
b. Kota Kiriyama
c. Manabu Kurita
d. Takahiro Omori
e. Yusuke Miyazaki

3. What kind of bait was the 22-5 caught on?
a. swimbait
b. live bait
c. spinnerbait
d. wake bait
e. jerkbait

4. Where exactly was the 11-pound, 15-ounce world record smallmouth caught?
a. Pickwick Lake, Alabama
b. Pickwick Lake, Tennessee
c. Pickwick Lake, Mississippi
d. Dale Hollow Lake, Kentucky
e. Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee

5. What lure caught the world record smallmouth?
a. Helicopter Lure
b. Jitterbug
c. bucktail jig
d. Bomber crankbait
e. grub

6. What fishin' method was used to catch the world record smallmouth?
a. trollin'
b. driftin' a live minner
c. pitchin'
d. flippin'
e. dynamite

7. What Texas lake holds the current BASS tournament weight record?
a. Toledo Bend
b. Sam Rayburn
c. Choke Canyon
d. Lake Amistad
e. Falcon Lake

8. What Bassmaster Elite Series pro holds the big bass record in Bassmaster's popular "Day on the Lake" series?
a. Paul Elias
b. Russ Lane
c. Greg Hackney
d. Tim Horton
e. Dustin Wilks

9. Swimbaits are all the rage among serious lunker hunters. Which of the following lures is NOT a swimbait?
a. Lucky Craft Real California
b. 3:16 Mission Fish
c. Jackall Mikey
d. Megabass Anthrax 100
e. Yum Money Minnow

10. In 2006, a California angler caught a 25.1-pound largemouth from tiny Lake Dixon. Why isn't this bass the official world record?
a. He accidentally foul-hooked the bass in its side.
b. The IGFA said it was too fat and ugly to have its picture in the record book.
c. He caught it on a live trout, which is against IGFA regulations.
d. A 10-pound dive weight was found in the bass' stomach.
e. His fishing license had expired when he caught the bass.

11. Which of the following statements about George Perry's 22-pound, 4-ounce world record bass is true?
a. The catch earned Perry, a poor Georgia farm boy, a fortune in cash and prizes.
b. The fish was caught on a Creek Chub Wiggle Fish.
c. The fish was caught on a Lazy Ike.
d. The fish was caught off a 30-foot ledge.
e. Perry ate the fish.

12. Lunkers lurk in thick weed cover for many reasons. Which of the following is not one of them?
a. Big bass crave the shade weedbeds provide because the sun hurts their eyes.
b. Big bass find plenty of groceries in grass, including minnows, bluegill and frogs.
c. Big bass use thick weedbeds when ambushing prey.
d. Big bass are well camouflaged in weeds.
e. The water is often cooler and richer in dissolved oxygen in weedbeds than elsewhere in the lake.

13. The Massachusetts state record largemouth weighed a whoppin' 15 pounds, 8 ounces. That's a monster bass by anybody's standards, but what else is remarkable about this catch?
a. A 6-year-old girl caught it on a Barbie spincast outfit.
b. The bait used to catch it was a Boston baked bean.
c. Who knew they even had bass in Massachusetts?
d. Who knew a Yankee could catch a bass that big?
e. It was caught through the ice.

14. There are five different places to fish for bass near your home. Which one is most likely to hold the lunker largemouth of a lifetime?
a. A river flowing past a nuclear plant.
b. A farm pond.
c. A lake that gets hammered 24 hours a day by bass fishermen.
d. A scenic stream that's chock full of crawfish.
e. The icy-cold tailrace below a power dam.

15. What's the name of the biggest bass Harry ever hung and lost?
a. Big Bertha
b. Big Betty
c. Ol' Mossyback
d. Ol' Iron Jaw
e. Petunia


1. E. The Lake Biwa bass, caught in 2009, weighed 22-5, and the Montgomery Lake fish, caught in 1932, weighed 22-4. But IGFA rules state that the world record must be 2 ounces heavier, so the two fish are tied in the record book. Go figure!
2. C. The other dudes mentioned are all Elite Series pros.
3. B. A bluegill fished near a bridge piling scored the behemoth bass.
4. D. Dale Hollow straddles the Kentucky-Tennessee border, and the record smalljaw was caught in the Kentucky portion of the lake.
5. D. A pearl colored Bomber 600, to be exact.
6. A. And, it was caught in July — not exactly prime time for smalljaws!
7. E. In 2009, Paul Elias caught 20 bass over four days of competition there that weighed a whoppin' 132 pounds, 8 ounces!
8. B. Russ holds the series record with an 11-pound, 14-ounce lunker.
9. D. The Megabass Anthrax 100 is a wake bait, not a swimbait.
10. A. California fishing regulations state that to be a legal catch, a fish must take the lure in its mouth.
11. E. Catch and release? Nope, for ol' George, it was batter and fry!
12. A. The sun doesn't hurt their eyes, dummy! That's just a myth!
13. E. Which is why Harry is headin' to Massachusetts next winter!
14. B. When it comes to great ol' big 'uns, farm ponds rule!
15. D. The mere mention of its name sends Harry into a quiverin' fit!


15 Cheater! You peeked at the answers!
14 We want you to take us bass fishing!
13-11 You're slightly smarter than the average redneck basser.
10-7 You might accidentally catch a lunker someday if you get lucky.
6-3 You don't know squat about catching big basses.
3-0 Take up another hobby, like knitting!