Records will fall

We're on Falcon Lake for the Lone Star Shootout, and I don't know how else to say this: I'm catching the hell out of some fish. I mean I'm catching a lot of fish, and I'm talking about big, big fish.

But my guess is that just about everybody else is catching them, too. I've never seen so many big fish in a lake. I'd say the record for a day, 45 pounds, will be broken.

I think the record for a four-day tournament, which is 122 pounds, is toast. In fact, I'd probably bet a paycheck that that one will get broken.

This is going to be a slugfest. All BASS records are in jeopardy. I've never even been to this lake, and I've caught about 30 pounds a day in practice.

I've seen a lot fish on the long, sloping points. I noticed Jason Williamson has been flipping and he's caught about the same weights I have.

That's the way the fishing's going. Other than that, it's been interesting seeing this dry, desertish area. Lot of scorpions and rattlesnakes. We've got scorpions outside our doors at night, so you don't really want to spend any time outside. And there are snakes all over the dirt roads.

Some of the guys went out and lassoed a few of them last night. They put some rope on the end of a whip stick and lassoed the rattlesnakes. Then they went back to the motel and started knocking on some doors.

Just another day on the Elite Series tour.

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