It's all good

As the slang says, "It's all good!"

All I can say is WOW! ... The fishing really has been outstanding!

The weather surely has not been to our advantage, and several days over the past couple of weeks, I thought the fishing was going to be tough. Thank God I was wrong as the fish have been NUTS!

In the past three weeks we have not had any slow days as the fish have been chewing. Redfish after redfish have been caught with most released as all of our customers this month have been from out of state except for yesterday, which incidentally was just a perfect day.

That goes for the weather as well as the fishing. Calm winds, cool temperatures and hot redfish action was the scenario. Upper end slot fish 26- 27-inch were slamming just about anything we presented to them. Soft plastics, top water, you name it, they were attacking. Many large fish up to about 32 pounds were caught and released.

We have had some really good trout days mixed in, but quite honestly it has been unpredictable. Catch them strong for a few days then only see a couple for several days. Not a problem since reds have been the requested species.

It truly is an incredible experience when a 30- 40-pound redfish grabs the lure and then screams out line at what seems like supersonic speed. Many times the chase begins without pursuit and the reel would find itself in the empty position, causing a frown or pouty look on the angler's face.

I seriously compare these giants to one of my favorite offshore fish, wahoo. Giant reds, like wahoo, will rip line out, turn on a dime, and then race toward you faster than any human can reel, only to repeat this several more times. What more can anglers ask for?

Incidentally this is the time of the year when our wahoo action offshore picks up in the northern Gulf of Mexico, especially out of Venice and Grand Isle, La. Anglers can expect to see magnificent hooters brought to the dock.
It's not uncommon to see a couple of fish over 75 pounds brought in daily, and during the peak between Jan. and Feb., a couple of lucky anglers will come in with wahoo weighing in over 100. The problem with the offshore action, weather may throw a wrench in your plans.

Let's not forget our feather chasing sportsmen as the recent cold fronts have brought new life into the marsh. Gadwalls, pintails, teal, widgeon, and even a few mallards are keeping the duck hunters smiling.

I don't see any reason why the action would slow up especially for the reds. The winter should produce great catches of reds. Now of course our winters are pretty nice compared to many other areas, but we still call it winter, because anything below 60 is cold to me.

By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!