The Dilemma

Ah cripes, I love spring.

The bass are ready to rock, the birds fill the air with their sweet songs, but my dang lawn is growing like a prairie -- there's even herds of bison and elk roaming it and depositing fertilizer (ok, they're dogs but I wish something would eat the grass.)

Good Lord, I have a freaking nature preserve in my back yard. ARGH!

What to do? Hmmm. I think I'll finish my coffee, maybe workout, emphasis on maybe, then and only then will the true struggle begin; the real dilemma.

Do I go to my local wealth depleting station, i.e. the gas station, and fill up my lawn mower tank or do I head to the river for some bass fishing?

Now, I am sure that I am not alone in this dilemma. I am sure thousands, maybe even millions of anglers have had this same internal struggle.

However, mine is more of a psychosis, more of a hate-hate relationship with my lawn. Sure, there is some love buried in there, and maybe hate is too strong. A deep resentment may be more appropriate.

Even though there is a glimmer of appreciation, you know bunnies have to eat, etc., etc., I still want it gone. Or at least nicely trimmed ... by someone other than me.

Occasionally me and the Mrs. will engage in conversation about turning the yard into some sort of mega-patio complete with rock pathways and plenty of mulched-in areas with various potted palms and other vegetation.

Oooh, the thought of no more lawn brings tears to my eyes. No more mowing, more time to chase my finny companions. Then it hits me, I still have a front lawn to mow. Will the torture, the agony the dilemma never end?

Oh well, to become one with the Force one must learn to recognize what one can't change. Screw that Yoda gibberish, I'm going fishing, the grass ain't going anywhere. And when I get back, it will be time to bring out the shovel.

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