Don't fall in love with the Rojas record

The old Kenny Rogers tune, "Don't fall in love with a dreamer," keeps going through my head as I look to the first BASS Pro Tour event of the 2005 Fantasy Fishing season. Can you hear Kenny crooning?

Don't fall in love with a dreeaamerrrrrr …

Only if it was applied to the upcoming Tour event on Lake Toho, the lyrics would go:

Don't fall in love with a recorrrrrd …


Because much of the talk preceding the Jan. 27 tourney will consist of Dean Rojas' record-setting performance on Lake Toho in the 2001 Top 150 — and rightfully so, it was one heck of a sack of fish he landed that year.

A dream sack, in fact.

If you take a look at Rojas' performance on the lake as a whole, however, you'll see that his record is one of nightmarish medocrity.

There have been four tournaments held on Lake Toho since 1999. Taking Rojas' record-setting performance in 2001 out of the equation, his average placement in BASS Pro Tours or Top 150s has been 84th. That kind of performance is not going to score your fantasy team enough points to contend in, much less win, your fantasy league.

Take a look at his performances:

In the 1999 Top 150, Rojas finished in 69th place — or 26.6 pounds out of contention.

Rojas' 2000 Top 150 was hardly any better — he finished 68th (45.21 pounds out of the top spot).

We all know what happened in the record-setting (fluke?) year at the 2001 Top 150. However, after that breakout tournament, Rojas returned to earth in supreme fashion. He dropped out of the sky and plummeted to the bottom half of the thermocline by placing 115th in the 2002 Pro Tour (or, a whopping 45.4 pounds out of 1st place).

By placing an average of 39 pounds out of first place in three-out-of-four tournaments, Rojas indeed invokes the (eerily foreshadowing?) voice of Crooning Kenny:

Don't fall in love with a dreamer
Because he'll break you every time

If you fall too in love with the Rojas record when selecting your roster, your fantasy heart could get broken big time. And with as erratic as fantasy fishing is anyway, do you really want to start the year as your league's bottom dweller? Don't be a dreamer and hope Rojas can repeat his 2001 sight-fishing bonanza when everything lined-up perfectly for him, look elsewhere to round out your roster.