Pet fish reunited with N.H. owners after flood

NASHUA, N.H. — Cats and dogs who wander from home get reunited with their owners all the time.

But fish?

Floodwaters from the Merrimack River recently swamped the Brand family's backyard pond, sweeping away seven of their 11 koi fish and depositing them on the third fairway of the nearby Nashua Country Club.

"By the time I could get out there, I found only four fish," Eric Brand said. "Just figured the rest were carried away and had dried up somewhere."

The flooding had left enough water on the golf course to keep the fish alive long enough for David Deane, a city alderman and groundskeeper, to find them.

Deane said he was pumping water off the course when he noticed the fish flopping on the ground. Thinking they might be pets, he went to get a bucket.

Brand said a neighbor saw an item in The Sunday Telegraph on May 28 about Deane's fish rescue and called Brand, leaving him a message. But Brand didn't hear it for more than a week.

On Tuesday, the Brands were reunited with their fish.