Day One notes

Kenny Wyatt was and partner Fred Thurston were way back in a swampy marsh when he saw something incredible.

"We were out in the middle on nowhere and suddenly this guy emerges from the woods," Wyatt said.

The man was carrying a fly rod, outfitted in a mud-caked pair of waders and what looked like snowshoes.

"It looked like were going to be attacked by some wooly mammoth-looking, sasquatch guy until he finally asked us if he could fish through our spot."

Given the disturbance, Wyatt and Thurston moved on to another spot.

It's the size of your net

Alex Suescun scurried onto the docks carrying a massive, blue net. The giant net's opening was several feet across from end to end. Tournament Director Bob Sealy, who was standing there, laughed. "Hey, Alex, now you guys are really going after the big fish, huh?" Sealy asked.

Suescun smiled, promptly returning the titanic net to its owner, a fish care staffer.


"You really only have about four minutes to catch your fish out there with these tides, then it's over." — Bryan Watts

"Hey, I thought this was a spot tournament. 'Cause this fish here has tons of 'em." — Brian Holeman, on a disappointing first day stringer

"It wasn't really a slow bite as much as a weird bite. You'd go crazy for awhile and then shhhhhhhh, tick, tick, tick then shhhhhhhh, tick, tick, tick (the sound of casting and retrieving) and then eat something." — Rick Murphy