Angling Abroad

Sonya Pask of Tumwater, Wash., hoists a huge Christmas Island trevally. 

For those of us with that travelin' bone, domestic fishing just isn't going to cut it.

So, if you're looking for something a little more exotic, ESPNOutdoors.com has just the ticket. Our occasional "Angling Abroad" series takes you from Panama and Christmas Island to the Sea of Cortez and the Amazon — and back again.

Climb aboard.

And for those content enough to live out their fishing adventures more vicariously, let our contributors take you virtually there.

Here now are our Angling Abroad offerings:

  • Ken Schultz: Brazil's big, blackwater bass

  • In quest of Slovenia's reclusive marble trout

  • Keith Sutton: Trophy catfish south of the border

  • New Brunswick's Atlantic Interpretive Salmon Centre a must-see

  • Ken Schultz: Miramichi's Atlantic salmon on the upswing

  • Ken Schultz: Ireland — Trout and pike shine in the Emerald Isle

  • Yukon Territory: Mining for gold and emerald with world-class lake trout and pike

  • New Brunswick: Call it the ultimate cast 'n' blast

  • Sandflies and brown trout bite in New Zealand's Fiordland

  • Escape to the Baja California Sur's East Cape

  • East Cape primer: What anglers should expect

  • Only in Baja: Angling for the East Cape's tall tales

  • Baja on the fly: Inshore flyangling at its finest

  • Bargain flyangling in Baja California

  • George Poveromo: Cheerio to cero mackerel off Bimini, Bahamas

  • Ken Schultz: Ontario's Lake Simcoe an icefishing pageant

  • George Poveromo: Whopper wahoo in southeastern Bahamas

  • Ken Schultz: Warm escapes from deep freeze — Mexico's Cozumel & Los Cabos

  • Ken Schultz: Delighting in a northern Manitoba fishing bounty

  • Ken Schultz: Only in Brazil — The tail of a difficult peacock bass

  • Ken Schultz: A rooster hotspot to crow about in southern Mexico

  • Ken Schultz: After the tourists go, Mazatlan puts on a fishing show

  • Ken Schultz: Only photograph the fish in the Amazon

  • Ken Schultz: A whale of a time north of the border in British Columbia

  • Ken Schultz: Ruling the roost in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

  • Highway 61 visited: Brown trout Down Under in New Zealand

  • Sailing, Guatemala-style: Flyanglers, here's the great sailfish three-ring circus

  • Bonefishing Belize: Finding elusive quarry is just first part of angling equation

  • You have got to Belize in bonefish, permit and tarpon!

  • Billfishing in Panama offers ecological options

  • Tackling the native trout of Baja California Norte's Sierra San Pedro Martir

  • Mexico's Lake El Salto is a big-bass fishery

  • Keith Sutton: Mexico's Huites is a lake of falcons, lake of bass

  • Hello, Dolly: British Columbia offers opps to land big Dolly Vardens on the fly

  • Canada: Catching the Yukon's wayside grayling

  • Hello, Farewell Harbour: Canadian outpost offers Pacific flyfishing bounty

  • Spain: Following Hemingway's footsteps to target the rivers of the Pyrenees

  • France: Targeting the brown trout of the Pyrenees can be a trip back in time

  • South Korea: Mandarins in the morning

  • Keith Sutton: Paradise is catching catfish in Brazil's Xingu River

  • New Zealand's Bay of Plenty: 100 pounds of browns

  • Sandflies and brown trout bite in New Zealand's Fiordland">Flyfishing for New Zealand browns and rainbows

  • Famous flats flyfishing on Christmas Island

  • Tackling Mexico's biggest challenges on the fly — wahoo, marlin and tuna

  • Baja California Sur's panga fishing

  • Kayak flyangling in the Sea of Cortez

  • Keith Sutton: Senor Catfish and the Mexican Guards

  • Keith Sutton: Crickets and Corona bottles and electric-blue perch

  • Keith Sutton: Belching catfish & pink dolphins in the Amazon

  • Keith Sutton: Tales of the piranha on Brazil's Rio Negro

  • Keith Sutton: Tucanaré, Brazil's exploding fish

  • Keith Sutton: Amazon sleigh ride

  • Keith Sutton: The giant ray of Amazonia

  • Keith Sutton: The world's largest fish fillets

  • Keith Sutton: Fishing for vampires

  • Inside the fishing-travel business