Big Sand Lake offers shots at 50-inch muskies

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    EAGLE RIVER, Wis. — The chance at a 50-inch musky is drawing Michigan anglers across the border to Wisconsin's Big Sand Lake.

    "Just keep moving and casting and you'll get action," said Big Sand regular Dennis Mincheff, who owns a cabin near the lake.

    The elongated lake covers 1,408 acres and is located in northeastern Vilas County, east of Phelps, Wis.

    It has a sand and gravel bottom and is very productive for large musky despite being infested with Eur-asion water milfoil, an invasive weed.

    Fish the weeds

    Work the milfoil edges and the shorelines to locate bigger fish. The weed edges at Big Sand are well defined and very visible.

    Cast diving jerkbaits like Suicks and Bobbie Baits or sliding, side-to-side jerkbaits like ReefHogs and Mantas over the tops of the weeds.

    Also try bucktails like the marabou-haired lures by Mepps, or try a spinnerbait like The Grinder from Dick Pearson.

    Anglers will also throw crankbaits parallel to the weed beds. Depth Raiders, Ernies and Jakes are good choices.

    Hot spots

    The lake rises to the 8-foot level near the center. This area is surrounded by green cabbage and is a musky magnet in the fall.

    The entire southwest end of the lake also has cabbage weed-beds — and big musky.

    Don't forget to work the east side of the lake, where a 56-foot hole with rock structure holds big walleye and musky.

    Also don't forget to search for the big weed hump on the west side of the lake.

    Boat ramp

    There is a county-owned boat ramp on the north side of the lake with ample parking.

    It's off Highway 17. Anglers can get there by taking Grosser Lane to Boat Landing Road.

    Using suckers

    Put on quick set sucker rigs and drift the deep sides of the weedbed. Fourteen- to 16-inch suckers are the popular choice.

    More information

    Contact the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce (800-359-6315) for lodging information. Eagle Sports (715-479-8804) in Eagle River sells bait and books guides.

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