Chase rainbows on Jordanelle's Provo arm

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    HEBER CITY, UTAH — It's trout season on many of Utah's mid-elevation reservoirs, and fisherman will start lining the banks and tossing tons of dough bait in hopes of limiting out on slime-rockets.

    Mickey Anderson of Fish Tech Outfitters (801-272-8808) in Salt Lake City said the Provo River arm of Jordanelle Reservoir is full of rainbow trout, especially near the mouth of the river.

    The 'bows go into the river to spawn as soon as the ice goes off the lake and then they make their way back into the main water to feed.

    He likes salmon eggs and dough baits to fill a limit of six fish.

    "The marina areas are also good places to catch some rainbows," Anderson said.

    "You can't fish right off the boat ramp, but the areas around them are usually pretty good. What you want to look for is good, clean gravel bottoms. There's also a good roadbed that comes in on the northeast part of the lake and that can be a really good spot to find some rainbows."

    Trout tech

    Anderson said that boaters should slow-troll Pop Geer as the fish get fairly aggressive after the spawn.

    Try pulling a small FlatFish behind the spinners and only go fast enough to make the blades rotate, Anderson said. It's always a good idea to put some kind of attractant on your lure because trout really key on the scent.

    Browns too

    Jordanelle also has a good population of big brown trout.

    Anderson said the browns like to feast on the perch when they are spawning.

    Anglers need to get into the backs of the bays and along the east shoreline and look for submerged vegetation in fairly shallow water, say 3 to 10 feet deep, where the perch will be laying their eggs.

    Casting or trolling perch-colored jigs or crankbaits in these areas is the best way to land a lunker brown.

    Get there

    Jordanelle is located between Park City and Heber City on Highway 40.

    There are two boat ramps. One is located at Hailstone Recreation Area right off Highway 40 and the other is at Rock Cliff Recreation Area on the east arm where the Provo River enters.

    State park entry fees are required at both locations.

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