Patterson: Last minute gifts

Need an extra 12 days to shop for Christmas? Use this giving technique and these thrifty gifts to give the outdoors person in your life a present for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

1 Box set of Discovery Channel's Planet Earth series — the best wildlife cinematography ever. You will be blown away. http://shoppingdiscovery.com $59.95.

2 A federal Migratory Bird Conservation stamp — better known as the duck stamp. At your local post office for only $15, it's a steal and does so much in permanently protecting waterfowl production areas and national wildlife refuge habitat for hundreds of wildlife species, both game and non-game.

3 State waterfowl or conservation stamps. Many states offer these, usually for $10 or less. The money works locally to protect wildlife habitat in your state. Again, both game and non-game species benefit. Available at state fish and wildlife conservation agencies.

4 Memberships in conservation organizations. For $35 and under, you can get a steal of a gift that often includes a beautiful wildlife magazine and other perks all while supporting wildlife habitat conservation. You can join via web sites. Try Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society, Trout Unlimited, Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation, Wildlife Forever, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy and others.

5 A compass (and learn how to use it). Never get lost again — even when the batteries in your high dollar GPS unit fail. The things we learned in Boy Scouts still work today. Under $30. Available at sporting goods stores.

6 Hand and foot warmers — these low-cost handy items are welcome in anyone's daypack. Available at sporting goods stores.

7 A hunting or fishing license — an opportunity for adventure and another way to support fish and wildlife conservation. Available at state fish and wildlife conservation agencies.

8 Muck Boots — from the Muck Boot Co. One of the best footwear inventions ever made. There are plenty of knock-offs out there, but I love the original. I put them on every morning when taking my Irish setter for a walk. As low as under $50. Available at sporting goods stores.

9 A DVD set of the Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild series — the culinary adventures of survivalist host Bear Grylls is great family entertainment. My boys and I love to see what he'll eat or drink next to survive. Great bonding time. http://shoppingdiscovery.com $39.95

10 Flint and steel — and learn how to use it — so easy even a caveman could do it. Umm. Fire good.

11 Gun Kozy — This neoprene sleeve is the easiest and best way to protect your rifle or shotgun from rain, mud and snow when traveling in the field. Then roll it up, and stow it in your pack. www.kozygear.com Under $35.

12 Leatherman multi-tool — the original is the best outdoors insurance there is. Don't leave home without it. Available at sporting goods stores.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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