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posted July 28

Rare gator feeding frenzy caught on tape

You've got the Swallows of Capistrano, the Monarch migration in Mexico and now the Georgia Gators.

No, not football. And yes, Georgia.

Ray Cason has them on tape.

Cason was heading out fishing in Clinch County when he came a sight rarely seen — an alligator "feeding frenzy."

Cason taped what he estimated to be about 300 alligators swarming an area in the Okefenokee Swamp park, a national wildlife refuge. It's known for having gators, but what he videod was amazing.

On his small alumnum boat at 6:30 a.m., he came upon an area where the alligators were swarming, apparently because of low water and plenty of food.

Jerry Waters of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said even workers at the park have never seen such an unbelievable encounter.

"I aint never seen so many gators in my entire life," he said on tape.

Although a little fearful of the situation, Cason had the wits to video the sight as he cautiously worked his way through gators.

Check out the story and video here.

posted July 19

Attempt to ride croc an epic fail

The Aussies are a fun lot. Not only do they inhabit the Continent with the deadliest of creatures, they seek them out.

A 36-year-old man recently competed in his own Down Under Rodeo, where he climbed into a zoo and tried to ride a 16-foot saltwater crocodile.

Ah, Fatso didn't take to well to being disturbed, bucking the gent and giving him a bite on the leg. Authorities were amazed the man's injuries, some nasty lacerations, weren't any worse as salties aren't known for letting go.

Wonder of wonder, the man had arrived at Broome Crocodile Park in northwest Australia after getting kicked out of a bar for being too intoxicated. He was lucky to escape with his life, authorities told the AP for this article.

posted June 21

You've just caught ... a new car!

An 18-pound striper was about the biggest thing fishing buddies Larry Newirth and Dan Cathell caught together on Christina River near New Castle, Del.

Until last month, when the anglers from near Bear — pop. 17,593, sal-ute! — came upon an BMW 750 sedan on June 17, their most valued catch at more than $80,000.

Just last Friday the two fished up a late-model Honda Accord, eliciting this comment from Newirth, 63.

"We better not call any more cars in, or they will think we are doing it," the retired carpenter told Delaware Online for this story.

Police figure the spot is a dumping ground for a local who stole the vehicles for a joyride and didn't want to walk too far home.

Cathell said he wants the culprit to quit, for less than obvious reasons.

"There's really good fishing action there," he said, "but if this keeps up, I'm worried they are going to close that ramp to the public."

Gotta love fishermen.

About the author: Mike Suchan has been editor at ESPNOutdoors.com the past three years. He's worked in journalism for 25 years, winning state and regional awards. Email him here.