No carp record for Pa. bowfisherman

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Dennis Russian has a great fish story to tell,
but no state record to show for it.

While bow fishing on Presque Isle Bay in May, Russian shot a
54-pound, 4-ounce carp.

That much is true. But the full truth is, he shot a grass carp _
and the state Fish and Boat Commission said its carp record was
only intended to recognize the common carp.

``There is no doubt that Mr. Russian's fish is impressive and
it's especially remarkable that he was able to take it by bow and
arrow,'' Doug Austen, executive director of the state Fish and Boat
Commission, said in a statement Thursday.

``However ... there was simply no way a grass carp _ no matter
how large _ could qualify as a recreational fishing record,'' he

Grass carp are used for weed control and a special permit from
the state is required to possess them, officials said. Still, many
have made their way into waterways in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Russian plans to hang a replica of the fish at his archery shop.
The real one began to spoil and he got rid of it.

The state record for the largest common carp _ Latin name
Cyprinus carpio _ is 52 pounds. It was taken in 1962 from the
Juniata River.